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Hello, and thank you for joining me! I love a good chin wag but we can't do that in real company at the moment, so in these pages I'll be sharing my musings on all sorts of things, from family to far flung things around the world.

I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts and perhaps even identify with some of the experiences I have had. We often find comfort in sharing but while I don't want these ramblings to be too serious, there will almost certainly be topics that make us all cry or shout.

Actually, I'd love it if you just laughed or even, on occasion, rolled your eyes at my nonsense! Either way, I hope you come back for more!

The latest from Ruby Musings

International women’s day….

I read a fabulous little comment last week on LinkedIn about bossy little 4 year old girls and so, in recognition of International Women’s Day, the day this comment appeared, I thought I would share a few musings on the subject of how to harness all that “bossiness” we possess in buckets when young, without… Continue reading International women’s day….

Pack your bags…..

Holidays mean different things to different people: Some people want to explore, some, just to get away from it all. Where would you go?…..

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Welcome to Ruby Musings. Check back soon for the start of our blogging journey together