About the author…

Hello and welcome!
My father started calling me Ruby when I was about 13years old. I never got to the bottom of why and for many years
it was the source of much teasing from a small and special group of friends. Now, all these years later, and after the loss of my wonderful dad, it is with fondness that I write under that name.

In these pages I aim to share my musings on life, family and the big wide world out there in the hope that we might have
some shared experiences or that you will simply enjoy reading along as I ponder the world around me. After all, I am new to
this and I have an awful lot to talk about!

I have a career that spans buying, manufacturing, sales, interior decoration and product development that has given me the
opportunity to travel to many different parts of the world, building amazing relationships along the way. I live in the
Southeast of England with my husband and together we have three grown-up children and a barn development project!